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Galileo Services: Chances for Business
24-25 April 2006, Prague, Czech Republic

Sunday 23 April
19:30 Cocktail offered by Czech Minister of Transport, Pyramida Hotel
Monday 24 April
Welcome addresses
Chairperson: Johannes Ortner, Vice President of Eurisy
09:00 Czech Minister of Transport
Ms. Etelka Barsi-Pataky, Member of the European Parliament
Mr. Karel Dobes, Czech Space Office
09:50 Coffee Break
Session 1: General keynotes - setting the scene
Chairperson: Jan Kolar, Czech Space Office
10:20 Galileo, New EU Member states, and Market Opportunities
Paul Verhoef, European Commission
10:40 The Galileo Programme status
Hans Peter Marchlewski, Galileo Joint Undertaking
11:00 Market Development perspectives
Pedro Pedreira, Galileo Supervisory Authority
11:20 ESA vision
Didier Faivre, European Space Agency
11:40 Overview of the Galileo Services, approach & business strategy
Ignacio Gonzalez, European Navigation Concessionaire
12:10 Questions to speakers
12:30 Lunch
Session 2: Market analysis and opportunities for GNSS based applications
Chairperson: Daniel Ludwig, Galileo Joint Undertaking
Rapporteur: Martin Haunschild, Co-ordinator Aerospace and Satellite Navigation in Bavaria
13:30 The current drivers, market and players of GNSS based applications
Pascal Campagne, FDC
13:45 The future market of GNSS based applications
Bryan Jenkins, ESYS
14:00 The GNSS market from the financial perspective
Jeff Rath, CanaccordAdams
14:15 Business opportunities – a sceptical point of view
Owen Goodman, Fugro N.V.
14:30 Overview of GNSS based businesses
Gard Ueland, Galileo Services
14:45 The Challenges for SMEs in the GNSS Environment
Karel Havliceks, European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
15:00 Coffee Break
  Examples of GNSS based applications success stories - presentations of 3 Business models:
15:30 TomTom
Lucien Groenhuizen, Business Development Manager
15:45 Septentrio
Peter Grongard, CEO
16:00 NemeriX
Ron Torten, CEO
16:15 Questions to speakers
16:40 Round table 1: Market opportunities
Chairperson: Gard Ueland, Galileo Services
Panelists: M. Haunschild, P. Pedreira, I. Gonzalez, J. Rath, L. Groenhuizen, P. Grognard, R. Torten
17:30 The end of the first day of the conference "Galileo Services: Chances for Business"
19:45 Dinner reception at the restaurant "Strahov Monastery"
Tuesday 25 April
Session 3: The role of public organisations and institutions in supporting the development of Galileo business at local, national, european and international level
Chairperson: Janusz B. Zielinski, Space Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences
Rapporteur: Pascal Campagne, FDC
08:30 Galileo potential for member states
Bob Cockshott, Location and Timing Knowledge Transfer Network in the UK
08:45 Regulated applications
Daniel Ludwig, Galileo Joint Undertaking
09:00 Results of the 6th FP, perspectives on the 7th FP
Daniel Ludwig, Galileo Joint Undertaking
09:15 An example of 6th FP support: SCORE
Vladimir Jansa, ICE Ltd
09:30 The Support of ESA to Navigation Applications
Rafael Lucas Rodriguez, European Space Agency
09:45 Coffee Break
10:15 Czech national activities related to Galileo
Jan Kolar, Czech Space Office
10:30 Promotion and support for the development of Galileo applications in Poland
Anna Kobierzycka, Galileo Information Point Poland
10:45 Latvia case,
Janis Balodis, University of Latvia
11:00 Gate: exemple of a succesfull PPP supporting market development
Martin Haunschild, Co-ordinator Aerospace and Satellite Navigation in Bavaria
11:15 Leveraging on SMEs and Regional innovation centres to expand the GALILEO services while bridging the gap with financial Investors
Florence Ghiron, Wallonia Space Logistics
11:30 International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite System (ICG)
Sharafat Gadimova, United Nations Offices for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)
11:45 Questions to speakers
12:00 Lunch
Session 4: The administrative and legal framework
Chairperson: Ekaterini Kavvada, European Commission
13:00 Intellectual Property Rights
IPR task force, Galileo Joint Undertaking
13:15 Certification, regulation: institutional view
Eric Chatre, Galileo Supervisory Authority
13:30 GNSS Center for Safety Critical Applications, Certification and Services - GAUSS
Jürgen Seybold , GAPA Gmbh, Braunshweig
13:45 Liability issues,
Jean Fournier, Marsh
14:00 Implications of service agreement
European Navigation Concessionaire
14:15 Contracting and insurance issues with final user
14:30 Questions to speakers
14:45 Coffee Break
15:10 Round table 2: Market enablers and obstacles
15:50 Conclusions and recommendations
16:20 The end of the conference "Galileo Services: Chances for Business"