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Konferencja Galileo 2006   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Galileo Services: Chances for Business
24-25 April 2006, Prague, Czech Republic
Co-organized with
and Co-sponsored by

Aims of the Conference

While the decision on the consortium operating the system is soon to be taken, the Galileo programme is approaching a new phase of the development: commercial applications and services using the Galileo services shall make the system viable.

However, one may assume that the provision of satellite-based signals allowing precise location and navigation information is a real innovative challenge for developing business. In particular, Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) that wish to step into new and sound business - from healthcare to transport logistics and from entertainment to security and military purposes – may be confronted with questions on the best approach: What is the market, what are the real opportunities, what is the legal framework, what is the procedure for working with the Galileo operator, what public and institutional support is there?

It is therefore important to provide a clear picture of the setting within which commercial applications and services could be developed for Galileo.

The Conference will address the regulatory framework and economical foundations necessary to allow private down-stream projects leading to the development of a market based on Galileo applications. Specifically, this conference will:

  • illustrate the potential of Galileo for services and applications with concrete pilot projects, such as those supported by ESA and the European Commission 6th Framework Programme,
  • discuss market opportunities, success factors and risks for Galileo business,
  • discuss the importance of public actors, and in particular of national and European programmes, to enable the development of commercial services and applications,
  • provide directions to industry to develop commercial services and applications.

Furthermore, this Conference will stress the key role the New EU Member States have to play in GALILEO as co-owners of the system. It will therefore participate in preparing the grounds and having them closely informed of all the current developments in the European GNSS programmes (GALILEO and EGNOS), as well as the market opportunities that the systems will offer to their respective industries. Finally, this Conference will foster the development of partnership throughout Europe and beyond as a key factor for the success of Galileo.

Target audience

Users and Service Providers from: Government Departments; SMEs; Service Providers; Mapping Agencies and Companies; Traffic Planners and Controllers; Police; Civil Protection; Professionals linked to applications (e.g. agronomists); Teachers, Research Academia… The Conference will be a “must” for all companies of the European Union generally, and for those coming from the “new 10” in particular, which are interested in the development of innovative business on the basis of Galileo and to place newly introduced products and services on the international markets.


Speakers from the European Commission, ESA, the Galileo concessionaire, Galileo industries, GJU, GSA, National Governments (in particular from the 10 new EU members), businesses, etc… shall present the needs, constraints and procedures for developing business and services with Galileo operations, as well as examples of pilot projects and successful EGNOS projects.