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Programme of the EGNOS Workshop
"Workshop on EGNOS performance and applications"

Wednesday, 26 October 2005

17:00 - 20:00 Registration, Hotel "Gdynia"

Thursday, 27 October 2005

07:45     Transfer from hotels „Gdynia” and „Neptun” to Naval University of Gdynia

Opening Ceremony
Chairman: Prof. Cezary Specht, Naval University of Gdynia
09:00 Cezary Specht, Naval University of Gdynia, co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee: Welcoming address of guests and all participants of the conference
09:05 Roman Krzyżelewski, Commander-in-Chief of the Polish Navy
09:10 Wojciech Hałka, Undersecretary of State for Telecommunications, Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland
09:15 Zbigniew Kłos, Director of the Space Research Centre PAS
09:20 Giuseppe Virglio, ESA Director of EU and Industry Programmes
09:25 Rafael Lucas – Rodriguez, European space Agency, Chairman of the Programme Committee

Session 1: "General Information - part 1"
Chairman: Prof. Janusz B. Zieliński, Space Research Centre PAS
09:30 Georgio Solari: General concept of EGNOS, legal aspects
09:50 Ashley Lyon: Operating EGNOS
10:10 Alexandre Steciw: Historical background of EGNOS
10:25 Calin Rosetti: EGNOS opening the way to »sole means of navigation» but…
10:40 Andrzej Felski: EGNOS usefulness in no classical navigation tasks
10:55 Coffee break
Session 2: "General Information - part 2"
Chairman: Dr. Rafael Lucas Rodriguez, European Space Agency
11:20 Laureat Gauthier, F. Toran, J. Ventura-Traveset: EGNOS System Status, performance, start of operations and Planned Evolutions
11:40 A. Cruz, F. Toram, J. Ventura–Traveset, Nastor Zarraoa: The EGNOS Data Access System (EDAS) Real-Time Access to the EGNOS Products for Multi-Modal Service Provision
11:55 Z. Kopacz, W. Morgaś, Józef Urbański: Traditional and new navigational activities and their substance
12:10 Richard Farnworth: EGNOS Application in civil aviation
12:30 D. Lemanski, Jerzy Nawrocki, P. Nogas: Time scale for EGNOS
12:50 Marco Manca, G. del Duca: The EGNOS 2 - Galileo "E2G" programme
13:05 Discussion

13:20    Transfer: Naval University to Hotel "Gdynia"

14:00    Lunch

15:00 - 19:00    Guided tour “The first look at the Tricity” for accompanying persons and volunteers (needed additional application, included in conference fee)

Session 3: "Applications and Tools –part 1"
Chairman: Dr. Simon Kay, Joint Research Center
15:15 A. Garcia, M. Tossaint, J. Samson, G. Seco, J. C. de Mateo, J. L. Gerner, F. Toran, R. Lucas-Rodrigues, J. Ventura, B. Arbesser-Rastburg: General concept of EGNOS, legal aspects
15:45 Michael Opitz: Development of a SISNeT- Simulation Software
16:00 Jose Santa Lozano: A Facility for GPS/EGNOS Signal Monitoring
16:15 Rafael Toledo Moreo: AVANT: A Wide Range Utility for GPS/EGNOS Navigation System Users
16:30 Esperanza Herraiz - Monseco: ASQF: Measuring EGNOS Performance for Applications
16:45 Coffee break
Session 4: "Applications and Tools –part 2"
Chairman: Prof. Andrzej Felski, Naval University of Gdynia
17:05 Giacomo Bacci, F. Principe, M. Luise, C. Terzi, M. Casucci: SOFT-REC: A GPS Real Time Software Receiver with EGNOS augmentation
17:20 Juergen Alberding: Validation of current EGNOS based DGNSS positioning data
17:35 Giorgio Manzoni, R. G. Rizzo: EGNOS applications in tourist GIS and driver safety
17:50 Stefan Baumann, W. Lechner: German Galileo Test and Development Environment - GATE
18:05 Marko Jandrisits: EGNOS Terrestrial Regional Augmentation Networks for River Information Services
18:20 Discussion

19:00 - 22:00    Official Reception


Friday, 28 October 2005

Session 5: "Applications in Navigation - part 1"
Chairman: Dr. Giorgio Solari, Galileo Joint Undertaking
08:45 Simon Kay: Surveying, mapping and others
09:05 A. Ciećko, Stanisław Oszczak: Validation of GPS Methods and Equipment for IACS Parcel Area Checks in Poland
09:25 Tatevian Suriya: On the Use of Satellite Navigation Systems for Geodynamical Studies in Russia and Adjacent Areas
09:40 Hugo Zunker: Applications of EGNOS Vehicle Terminals
09:55 Tomasz Michałowski: Utilization of SISNeT Platform in Order to Obtain EGNOS Messages via Internet
10:10 Marco Manca: EGNOS Based Solution for info Mobility Services
10:25 M. Andrzejczak, J. Narkiewicz: Application of EGNOS in Integrated Marine Navigation System with Prediction of Position and Heading
10:40 Coffee break
Session 6: "Applications in Navigation - part 2"
Chairman: Dr. Richard Fairnworth, Eurocontrol
11:00 Jarosław Cydejko: EGNOS Initial Operations Phase Performance in the Area of Polish Coast
11:15 Henk P. J. Veerman, P. Rosenthal, O. Perrin: Evaluation of EGNOS Flight Trials Data from Aeronautical Perspective
11:30 Leszek Jaworski, Z. Krysiński, T. Michałowski, J. B. Zieliński: Experience of the Warsaw RIMS operation and activity in PERFECT project
11:45 A. Antonella, U. Guida, Livio Marradi: RUNE (Railway User Navigation Equipment): GPS-EGNOS trials on Italian ERTMS equipped route
12:00 J. Jagnyziak, Jerzy Sobstel: EGNOS/DGPS System for airport fire brigade vehicle localization
12:15 P. Kovář, Pavel Puričer, L. Seidl, J. Špaček, F. Vejražka: EGNOS Signal Availability Measurements for a Land Mobile User
12:30 M. Calderon, Rafaela Cefalo: Real Time Car Navigation using WADGPS (Wide Area Differential GPS)
12:45 Discussion
13:00 Coffee break
Closing Ceremony
Chairman: Prof. Cezary Specht, Naval University of Gdynia
13:15 Rafael Lucas Rodriguez, Janusz B. Zieliński: The Best Papers of Plenary Sessions Awards
13:25 Wojciech Hałka, Zygmunt Kitowski: The Best Paper of the Conference Award
13:35 Rafael Lucas Rodriguez: Closing remarks of the Chairman of the Programme Committee
13:35 Janusz B. Zieliński, Cezary Specht: Closing remarks of the co-Chairmen of the Organizing Committee

14:00    Lunch

Saturday, 29 October 2005

09:00 - 15:00    Guided “Gdansk Tour” (additional application needed and fee: 35€)