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Galileo Information Point Poland, Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation of the University of Latvia and Municipal Enterprise “Rigas GeoMetrs” organize the conference jointly.

Galileo Information Point is established within Polish Space Office at the Space Research Centre PAS. It concentrates information, advisory and support activities related to Galileo in a single centre, thereby increasing their efficiency and synergy.

Our mission:

  1. Support research and commercial sectors in the development of Galileo-based applications,
  2. Provide background and support for the development of a national policy related to utilisation of Galileo services,
  3. Support the development of international cooperation,
  4. Promote Polish and other new EU member-states’ scientific and technological potential,
  5. Facilitate the exchange of information and broker contacts among potential partners.

The Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation of the University of Latvia was established in 1994 by separation from the Astronomical Observatory. The Institute has experienced staff dealing with satellite on ground observations; its hardware and software has been designed for this purpose. Currently several projects are being carried out on the issues of research and development.

  1. EUREKA supported ”E3095! EULASNET LEO SATELLITE” Low Earth Orbiter Satellite Observation. The pilot project of the SLR machine is under development.
  2. An automated zenith telescope for the vertical deflection is under design. The optics have been calculated and ordered to be made at the advanced optics factory.
  3. The Riga multifunctional GNSS positioning system is under development in the joint project with Ŗiga GeoMeter”.
  4. Many projects have been developed by skilled personnel in digital mapping and GIS by using ESRI and ERDAS software.

The Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformation cooperates closely with the "Rigas GeoMetrs" in the development of Riga multifunctional GNSS positioning system. "Rigas GeoMetrs" is an advanced surveying and mapping company of the Riga city Municipality. Recently the company has celebrated its 125 years anniversary.