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On 9 February 2006 in the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences took place a seminar:

Polish Technologies in the European Space Programme

The European Space Programme, due to start in 2007, will offer a broad range of research and business opportunities to all EU countries, thus being especially important to those New Member States, which aim at gradual development of their space-related industries. For Polish high-tech entities 2007 is going to be, in addition, the first year of benefiting from close working relations with the European Space Agency, as envisaged in the Plan for European Co-operating States (PECS) of ESA. In order to acquaint representatives of research and industrial sectors with a large, albeit challenging market of space technology, Polspace Ltd - kindly supported by the European Space Agency, the European Commission and the Galileo Information Point - invited a group of experts to share their knowledge and reflections on the subject. A much expected exchange of opinions formed a valuable contribution to the ongoing discussion about Polish space priorities.

Presentations at the Seminar covered:

  • recent developments in the European space policy, industry and technology,
  • results of the study on Polish space capabilities, financed by ESA and performed in 2004,
  • opportunities and strategies for the Polish space sector,
  • current and intended Polish contributions to the GALILEO satellite navigation system,
  • scientific and industrial opportunities onboard the International Space Station within the SURE project.