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Galileo Point Poland, Eurisy and Czech Space Office have the pleasure to invite you to the conference: "Galileo Services: Chances for Business", which will take place in Prague on 24-25 April 2006.
The Conference will address the regulatory framework and economical foundations necessary to allow private down-stream projects leading to the development of a market based on Galileo applications. Specifically, this conference will:

  • discuss market opportunities, success factors and risks for Galileo business,
  • present an overview of GNSS-based businesses,
  • discuss the challenges for SMEs in the GNSS environment,
  • discuss the importance of public actors, and in particular of national and European programmes, to enable the development of commercial services and applications at local, national, European and international level,
  • provide directions to industry to develop commercial services and applications,
  • discuss the regulatory and administrative framework (for instance the issue of liability, insurance, certification, intellectual property rights),
  • illustrate the potential of Galileo for services and applications with concrete pilot projects, such as those supported by ESA and the European Commission 6th Framework Programme.

More information you can find in a lap Galileo conference 2006