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On 24th of January 2005 Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences became a member of an international consortium iNavSat. It is a consortium specifically formed for the purpose of becoming the operating company for Galileo – global navigation satellite system, which is a joint project of the European Space Agency and European Union.

Galileo will be a new, civil, advanced satellite navigation system, fully operational in 2008. It will consist of 30 satellites, which will round the Earth in a medium earth orbit at an altitude of 23 616 km. Apart from space segment Galileo will contain ground and user segment with all indispensable infrastructure addressing the needs of maritime, air and land users.

Space Research Centre joined iNavSat with intent to support the consortium in order to become the Galileo Concessionaire. The SRC is ready to contribute the knowledge and expertise of its scientific and technical personnel to assist iNavSat should such a need arise. Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences is the only institution in Poland whose activity is fully devoted to space research and its applications in geosciences and technology.

Space Research Centre of Polish Academy of Sciences has been conducting pure and applied studies based on space experiments in the field of space physics and Solar System research, and physical and geodesic studies of planets and the Earth. The research and development activities of the SRC, which are carried out in a broad international co-operation, can be divided into two parts:

Studies of the ionosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth, the Sun, the heliosphere, interplanetary space; and investigation of planets and their satellites, small bodies of the Solar System,
The Earth treated on the one hand as a planet, and on the other hand as an object of geodesic research and remote sensing studies.

iNavSat consortium was established in 2003 by EADS Space Service, Inmarsat Ventures Ltd, Thales SA.

EADS SPACE Services is committed to providing and developing satellite services in the area of telecommunications and navigation. EADS SPACE Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS SPACE, which is dedicated to providing civil and defence space systems. EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services.

Inmarsat Ventures Ltd is a leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services. Its services include voice, fax, intranet and internet access and other data services used by multinational corporations, government agencies, media and international aid organisations and other enterprise level users in the maritime, land and aeronautical sectors.

Thales is an international electronics and systems group, serving defence, aerospace, services and security markets. Thales has been pioneering in satellite navigation technology and is the only European company with end-to-end satellite navigation capability, from signals to products, to systems and services delivery.