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Project summary

The specific support action aims at the promotion of the development and utilisation of Galileo applications in Poland and subsequently in other accession countries.

The project activities will:

  1. Support research and commercial sectors in the development of Galileo-based applications
  2. Provide background and support for the development of a national policy related to utilisation of Galileo services

Some of the activities will aim at a number of accession countries, whereas others will be performed in Poland and only their results, gathered experience and proved models of support actions will be disseminated.

In order to concentrate information, advisory and support activities related to Galileo in a single centre and thereby increase their efficiency and synergy, Galileo Point (GP) was established within the Polish Space Office.

During the project the following results should be achieved:

  1. The permanent event gathering the whole GNSS-related community (in Poland, later on regional scale) will be established
  2. Advisory service will be launched supporting different entities involved in the development of EGNOS/Galileo applications
  3. Working relations between Polish/regional entities and international Galileo projects consortia should be established
  4. Independent in-depth evaluation of GNSS application sector in Poland in light of Galileo system introduction will be performed. The results and experience gathered will be used to support evaluation of GNSS sectors in other accession countries
  5. The interface between government and GNSS-related community will be created

The work of the GP will focus on 2 priorities and will be organised respectively in two workpackages:

  1. WP 1. Support research and commercial sectors in the development of Galileo-based applications.
  2. WP 2. Assistance in the development of national policy related to utilisation of Galileo services.